Alexander Kozyrin
Photo gallery

1. At the Department of Financial Law, High School of Economics, 2010.

2. Participating as an international expert in the UNDP project.

3. Prof. A. Kozyrin at the International Conference «Islamic Finance: Development in Russia» (June 7th, 2010, Moscow)

4. At the scientific workshop.

5. State University - High School of Economics. Awarding of the winners of the student papers contest.

6. Meeting of the Dissertation Committee, Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

7. Among apprentices. The 1998 year graduates of the Law Faculty, Moscow Institute for Students with disabilities of locomotive system.

8. In Pereyaslavl'-Zalesskiy. Near the Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral (mid XII), the place, in which the most Orthodox Prince St. Alexander Nevsky was christened in 1221.

9. In the eldest high educational institution in Russia - the Moscow Seminary Academy.

10. Cities of mine. Barselona.

11. Cities of mine. Samarkand. Registan.

12. Cities of mine. Versailles.

13. Bukhara. Breakfast in Jewish Quater.

14. After the lecture at the Military and Customs Academy.

15. Celebration of scientific supervisor by the Head of the Federal Treasury Artyukhin R., devoted to the successful defence of the candidate dissertation.

16. Delivering report on the session of the international scientific conference in Odessa (May 2009).

17. Presentation at the conference on international economic law, Munster (Germany, October 2010).

18. Congratulation (at celebration in Prof. Kozyrin's honor, devoted to the XX anniversary of his scientific and educational work)

19. Prof. Kozyrin's XXth anniversary of scientific and educational work (Moscow, April, 2012)