Alexander Kozyrin

  • June 2017 Prof. A.N. Kozyrin was awarded "The Best Lecturer" nomination at the annual competition for the best teacher that was held in the National Research Institute "Higher School of Economics".
  • May 2017 The article by Prof. A.N. Kozyrin developed in coauthorship with T.N. Troshkina "State control of the quality of education" was published in the "Laws of Russia: Experience, analysis, and Practice" magazine, issue 6.
  • April 2017 The scientific report by Prof. Kozyrin for the "Law in the system of financial law sources" grant (№ 15-03-00745) has been endorsed upon decision of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation.
  • February 2017 The articleby Prof. Kozyrin A.N. and Troshkina T.N. on the Law on Education of 2012 and Development of Educational Law in Russia was published in the "Pravo. Zhurnal Vysshey shkoly ekonomiki" magazine, no 1, pp. 80–91.
  • January 2017 The new volumes of "Great Russian Encyclopedia" containing the articles by Prof. A.N. Kozyrin, namely, "Legal statistics" and "Customs duties" (in co-authorship with A.Yu. Denisova) has been published. Now selected articles of the encyclopedia are available at
  • December 2016 On December 6, 2016, within the scientific workshop organized by the Financial, Tax and Customs Law Department, National Research University "Higher School of Economics" Prof. A.N. Kozyrin delivered a speech on the "Regulation as a source of Tax Law", which summarized the results of the studies conducted within the project supported by the RSSF(№ 15-03-00745а "Regulation in the system of financial law sources", 2015-2016) and Закон в системе источников финансового права: сравнительно-правовое исследование», 2015-2016).
  • November 2016 The "Law. Magazine of the Higher School of Economics" published an article by Prof. A.N. Kozyrin on «Legal Basis for Transformation of Public Property and Russian Legislation on Privatization in the 1990s».
  • October 2016 Prof. A.N. Kozyrin delivered scientific report on "Legislation in the system of financial law sources" at the session of the PLRI Scientific Council.
  • September 2016 The report on "Codification as a form of systematization of tax legislation in the EurAsEC countries" prepared by Prof. A.N. Kozyrin and delivered at the X Kazakhstan Tax Forum (Scientific and Research Institute of Financial and Tax Law, Almaty) was published.
  • August 2016 The PLRI published new textbook "Finance Administration in Russia (XVII - 1917)" edited by A.N. Kozyrin. The textbook was developed jointly by the PLRI researchers and well-known historian experts from the Russian State Historica Archive and the St. Petersburg Institute of History under the RAS.
  • July 2016 The "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" publishing house ("Bibliotechka Rossiyskoy Gazety" series) issued the new book by Prof. A.N. Kozyrin "Customs procedures: customs legislation of the EAEU and the Russian Federation".
  • July 2016 The Law Faculty of the Higher School of Economics greeted its this year's graduates of the Master program in "Financial, Tax an Customs Law", which is headed by Prof. A.N.Kozyrin. R.E. Artyukhin, Head of the Federal Treasury handed Master in Jurisprudence Diplomas to the graduates.
  • May 2016 • On 28 May 2016, Prof. A.N. Kozyrin delivered a lecture on "Customs procedures" for students and postgraduates of the Moscow State Law Academy.
    • The legislation reference system "Consultant Plus" published the scientific and practical commentary to the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation". The commentary was developed by the PLRI researchers and the Federal Center for Educational Law under the editorship of Prof. A.N. Kozyrin.
  • April 2016 12 April, within the framework of the research workshop "Actual issues of the financial, tax and customs law" ("Financial, Tax and Customs Law" Master Program of Law Department, NRU HSE) Prof. A.N. Kozyrin delivered a speech on "Non-typical customs procedures: destruction (the concept, principles of legal regulation and fiscal consequences)". The scientific report was based on the study (№ 15-01-0088) conducted within the Program of "the Scientific Foundation of the National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (NRU HSE)" in 2015-2016, and was supported with the state subsidies provided to the NRU HSE, and aimed at improving the competitiveness of the advanced universities in the Russian Federation among the leading research and educational centers in the world. Presentation of the report.
  • March 2016 The Federal Centre for Educational Law published the new textbook "Education management: organizational and legal basis". Prof. A.N. Kozyrin is among the authors of this publication.
  • February 2016 On 24 February, 2016, Prof. A.N. Kozyrin, Member of the Public Council of the Federal Treasury, participated in the session of the enlarged Board of the Federal Treasury.
  • January 2016 Prof. A.N. Kozyrin has started his work as an expert within the Russian Scientific Foundation

  • December 2015 On 28 December the SRU HSE awarded students who won the scientific papers competition and honored their scientific supervisors. In the nomination "The best research work in law for graduate students 2015" the work by A. Huseynov on "The trial procedure for settlement of tax disputes in the Federal Republic of Germany and the Swiss Confederation" prepared under the scientific supervision of Prof. A.N. Kozyrin, was among the winners.
  • November 2015 The two articles by Prof. A.N. Kozyrin on "Codification of tax legislation in the Eurasian Economic Union member states" (Reforms and the Law, № 4, 2015) and # и "Forms of systematizing of tax legislation" (Public Law Reseaches, № 4, 2015), both devoted to the law as a source of financial law were published within the research project supported by the Russian State Scientific Foundation.
  • October 2015 The "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" Publishing House issued collection of works on "Education: Citizen and the Law" developed by the group of authors under editorship of Prof. A.N. Kozyrin. The book was prepared in collaboration with the Federal Center of Educational Legislation researchers.
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